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39th IMO 1998

POL at IMO 1998 Tomasz CzajkaMichał KapustkaSzymon PliśPiotr PrzytyckiTomasz SobieszekMarcin Stefaniak

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results28344242111122173.33%G, S, B, HM, HM, HM
Tomasz Czajka 771770294988.52%Silver medal
Michał Kapustka 7610702112470.57%Bronze medal
Szymon Pliś 0704001122646.17%Honourable mention
Piotr Przytycki 070000728133.01%Honourable mention
Tomasz Sobieszek 7006001320650.96%Honourable mention
Marcin Stefaniak 772771312993.30%Gold medal
Leader: Marcin E. Kuczma
Deputy leader: Waldemar Pompe

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